Red Lauren's new Tea Lights are the perfect ambience setter for any occasion. Approximate burning time up to 5 hours each and available in four gorgeous fragrances


  • Christmas Pudding - A balance of Sweet, fruity, cinnamon and caramel notes are supported by gentle floral and spicy elements for the perfect gourmand theme. Christmas Pudding is a rich, warm scent with a subtle blend of sweet, fruity, spicy, creamy and woody scents.


  • Hollyberry & Cinnamon - This well balanced blend of spicy cinnamon sticks, balsam, and berries captures the pinnacle of holiday. A perfect blend of bayberry, plum, pine, cinnamon stick, clove, lemon rinds, and juniper berry


  • Christmas Night - Beautiful notes of orange, grapefruit, strawberry and apple, with a mixture of pine, lavender, cloves and cedarwood.


  • Log Fire - Thinking of open fires! Notes include Vanilla Bean, Tobacco and December Birch.


  • Frankincense - Frankincense has a relaxing effect, promoting feelings of peace. It is reputed to increase inner strength and calm.

Tea Lights

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  • Estimated burn time:

    • 5 Hours Each

    Quick Tip: Before relighting, turn candle over and pinch out the 'dead' wood

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